Is it possible to edit Record Detail's data inside an interface?

I’m creating an interface where the user can expand the Record Details and see information there.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to make the fields inside the Record Detail “editable” so that the user edits information from there.

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Yes, that is possible. Unfortunately, Airtable defaults all the fields in interfaces to “read only”, so you have to manually click on each field to change it to “editable”.

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Yes, it’s possible to edit Record Detail’s data in an interface using various techniques. One common way is using text fields or input controls for direct data editing. Another method involves using buttons or links to open dialog boxes for editing.

Combining text fields with buttons or links can also be done. Considerations include saving edited data to the database, choosing which fields to allow editing, and adding validation for data accuracy. Overall, it’s a straightforward task using these techniques to create an interface for data editing.