I have 2 accounts with different home screens (old / new)

I have 2 accounts, one is older and one is newer.

The older account home screen was converted to the new looks where it shows the left sidebar with Starred bases and then the main window with the Today - Past 7 days - Past 30 days etc vew.

The newer account home screen is still what the old home screen used to look like, list of workspaces on the left and main window has the workspaces showing bases in a more condensed view.

Is Airtable still converting these to the new view?

I don’t have many bases but had them neatly organized so I preferred the old home screen where I could actually order the workspaces up and down the way I wanted.

I can’t order workspaces in the new home screen. It seems I only can change the order of the Starred bases. When a new workspace is created it always come on the top of the All Workspaces page. Am I missing something?

Also when I share a base between the accounts, in the old home screen, the shared bases will be grouped visible in the workspace “Bases shared with me”. In the new home screen there is no workspace for shared bases, the shared bases seem to be intertwined in the home screen view but I can’t see just the shared bases grouped together. I can’t even use filters in the list view to filter only the shared bases.

So I wonder if there is a way to switch between the 2 home screens or is it just the newer account wasn’t converted to the new look?

Hey @itoldusoandso :wave:

I see the option to cycle between the old and new home screen when clicking my account avatar

Can you send me a screenshot where do I need to click to cycle? I don’t see anything. That’s strange.

Strange. I do not have that option. Yet. I am on the new home screen.


@itoldusoandso Seems like they might have “locked you into” the new homescreen?

You might want to email support@airtable.com about this, but you likely won’t hear back in time before they roll out the change to everybody, since they are taking weeks/months to get back to people.

I read in another forum that there is no way for us to drag-and-drop our bases into a custom order with the new homescreen? Is this true? If so, that would be a major fail.

It may be probably also the case you can’t re-order the bases. However my issue is I am not able to re-order the workspaces either.

You can re-order the bases through (in the new home screen) but you have to add the bases to “Starred” (Favorites). There you can order them like bookmarks.

But the old home screen was more flexible. Hopefully they fix it.

Damn, this is what I was afraid of. Everything you just mentioned above is the negative feedback that we consultants provided them with about 6 months ago. They gave us a special sneak preview of the new home screen, and most of us were not thrilled with it. But it looks like they did not take any of our feedback to heart.