Google Cloud Apps authorization expiry issue (Translate, Vision),

Google Translate extension is getting disabled and shows error after a few days without being even able to access the configuration screen. To resolve this I have to add a new copy of the extension (or delete and add extension again) and enter the API key.

Once I enter the API key and the settings are saved, even the other copy of the Translate extension that previously didn’t work, now works fine.

I believe the issue has to do with the Google Translate app being set to testing/personal and not yet set to published. For API apps that are in testing stage, the authorization expires after a few hours now (it used to be a few days).

So my understanding is I have to publish the API and have it verified by Google.

I am now going to verify it but I stopped shorted of doing it because Google asks so much information.

Is this really required?

Anybody has experience with this?

  1. An official link to your app’s Privacy Policy
  2. A YouTube video showing how you plan to use the Google user data you get from scopes
  3. A written explanation telling Google why you need access to sensitive and/or restricted user data
  4. All your domains verified in Google Search Console


Sorry, I don’t have the answer to your question, but I know that working with Google’s APIs can sometimes be a little bit tricky.

Instead of Google Translate, my clients are using for their translation needs.

DeepL’s API is very easy to use, it works very well with Make, and best of all, I learned about DeepL from my clients in Japan who told me that its translation abilities was SIGNIFICANTLY better than Google’s translation abilities! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I use Deepl all the time.

Unfortunately it only solves part of the problem.

I still need other apps like Google Vision, I do OCR text I scan e.g. take a picture of difficult to understand text and then use Google translate (or newly GPT) to further work on the vocabulary.

I have taken an animate GIF picture from support website and converted to Youtube Video to get Youtube demo and created a privacy and terms and conditions agreement using generator and have submitted to Google.
Let’s see what happens if Google is going to be happy with a cheater like me. I will update here about the outcome.

Honestly Google Cloud Apps website is like building a space shuttle for somebody who is non-developer person.

Okay didn’t help.
Response from Google - I need to purchase a domain and setup with the google code to prove I own domain and then put a link to terms and conditions. That’s nuts, just to be able to use Make with Youtube or Google Photos.
I’m hoping a good soul will help in the Make forums. Google things we are all either rocket scientists or analphabets when designing their services.