Find & replace text in a formula field

WAIT… you can CTRL + F to search or search & replace IN a formula box?! :scream::astonished::bulb:

Never really needed it, so only discovered this now :man_shrugging:


Yup. Lots of fun stuff you can do in the formula editor. I think that it is built on the same Monaco platform that the scripting editor uses and has lots of nifty featurs

  • indent and outdent multiple lines with tab and shift+tab (as long as autocomplete behaves)
  • get multiple cursors on consecutive lines with using ctrl+alt+arrow
  • collapse and expand sections using arrows in the left margin

Oh wow, that’s cool! I don’t think i noticed that before!

Can you explain this one a bit more? I tried command-option-arrow on the Mac, but I couldn’t seem to get this to work.

The upgrades to the built-in editor are great, but it still seems so clunky on my Mac… I just prefer VisualStudioCode when I’m working on complex formulas and at other times I’ll use good 'ol google sheet/Excel to build a formula

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I hold down ctrl+alt and press the down arrow. An additional cursor appears on the line below so I have two cursors. Pressing the down arrow again gives me a third cursor on the line below. This is most useful when I want to type (or delete) the exact same thing in multiple lines. I do this more when typing JavaScript than when typing formulas.

Not sure how to do this on a Mac.

Oh cool, thanks! :smiley:

I figured this out on the Mac!

On the Mac, you get this behavior by holding down the command & option keys together, and then pressing the down arrow.

That’s wild! The ability to type (or delete) on multiple lines at the same time!

How often do you find yourself using this feature?

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Not often in formulas. More often when writing scripts.