Change Primary Field option in the primary field

I didn’t see the option there before. Changing it required an hour of work (or more) if the table had many fields with dependencies. The only time I needed to do that is if I setup the table in the wrong way and it was easier than start from scratch. I see there is an option to do that. Anybody knows how it works? If I change the primary field, will that field move to the front being the 1st column? Will the dependencies get updated in formulas? I am wondering what would happen to settings made in Extensions?

Things that will change:

  • the new primary field will move to the first column
  • values in linked record fields will reflect the new primary field

Things that will not change:

  • the field ID
  • the field name
  • references in formulas, automations, extensions, and interfaces

My most common use case for changing the primary field is when the original primary field is an editable field and I want it to become a formula field, and either the formula field or the editable field already has a lot of dependencies that I don’t want to shuffle around.