Can a column appear in more than one table?

Building my first base and am a bit confused on the best structure. I oversee several legal cases, and one of the things that must be tracked are court transcripts. I have a table with the following headings: Hearings, Court Documents, Evidence, Transcripts, People, Notes, Expenses.

Obtaining the transcripts is a process that involves filing a form, contact data for the court reporter, paying the reporter their fee, noting the date we actually obtain the transcript. I also need to document all the attempts made to contact the court to get approval for the transcript to be prepared: date/time, person contacted, their contact info, result.

It seems as though the transcripts should have their own table. Is there some way the Transcript info could be entered once and appear in both the Transcript Table and the Main Table? In the main table, I would only want to display whether we have the table or not (process status), but while in the Main table, I would want to expand to see the detail of the transcript acquisition process. How to accomplish this please?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance to this absolute Airtable newbie.

Welcome to the community, @Ari!

Yes, you would pull in information from other tables into your main table by using a linked record field and lookup fields.

With a linked record field, you would link to the transcript that you want. You can also expand the link to see all the details of the transcript from the main table as well.

And then with a lookup field, you can display information from your linked transcript in the main table.

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