Airtable automations lacking error descriptions—looking for help

I’m looking to create a one-way sync between Airtable and Discourse (this very forum, actually) so that way I can keep a table of my users in Airtable to use in applications and program management activities regarding my forum.

I have two webhooks in Discourse setup, each going to a new automation in my Airtable base:

  • User updated (discourse webhook) → create or update user (airtable automation)
  • User deleted (discourse webhook) → deleted user (airtable automation)

I am getting some errors on the user create/update, and for the life of me I just cannot pinpoint why.

Any suggestions for improving the resiliency of this automation/sync?

What type of errors you got? Airtable Web API
If you are on Mac, try or something similar to check the response.
There are free sites to check the webhook.

Are you just doing POST data? Or are you getting data also from Airtable before posting. If you are posting, you could try with the Automation with a webhook trigger. Since I am a total newbie when it comes to webhooks, I found it easier to start with, although it is a trigger so it does cost automation credits when it is triggered.

Another option you have also ti use an Automation with the Run a script action to make a POST request.