Make Airtable automation - will Date Create re-run when filter condition met later? question… The Make Airtable trigger is setup to watch a “Date created” field in Airtable plus it has a filter condition to only run if a field in the table says “ready”.

I ran into a small issue and Make didn’t run, I guess because the records in the table are linked and being looked up from other tables and then merged. As I am playing with the records, deleting here and there, to check what is the problem, I realized I am not certain anymore how the Make Airtable trigger works. I guess I am looking for affirmation of something that is glaringly obvious.

Will the trigger in Make watching the Date Created will only give the opportunity to run the automation once and only if the filter condition is met? If the condition later is met, will the automation in re-run on the record?

So if this is the case, then the filter condition behaves in the same way as if the filter condition was setup in the Airtable view and the view is selected in the Make Airtable trigger? (The filter condition is setup in Airtable view decide if the record shows in the view or not.)

Related question:
Make setting “Choose where to start”… how is this used? Does this allow me to reset the memory of the trigger to re-run records that where created before this moment? So if the trigger watches the Date Created field and I set Choose where to start to … a “specific date”, will the automation re-run on all records that meet the condition when the Date Create is after the “specific date”?
I didn’t pay attention to this option so if I had to rerun the Automation in the past, I always did reset my date in Airtable instead, but now I realize this would be easier, if all I need is to re-run the automation on the existing records.

My head is exploding :exploding_head:, I guess I am overthinking this.


No, it won’t. It will only run at the scheduled time on new records that were created since the last scheduled time.

I wouldn’t recommend using that as your trigger. Use a Date Modified trigger or trigger your scenario with a webhook.

Oh, that is why. Date Modified trigger - so if I use this trigger, the automation will re-run later if the conditions are met?

Was also wondering why another automation doesn’t run, I set up a limit for the number of records to process “The maximum number of records to return.” in the trigger. It doesn’t re-process the records either for the ones that are beyond the set limit. I set the limit to avoid a run-away automation if for some reason it has to process too many records on one month why have nothing next month.

They should mention it somewhere that the Date Create is only a one-shot trigger.

They already do explain this on their Airtable documentation page.

A Date Created field triggers for newly-created records.

A Date Created field will never re-trigger any automations because there can only be one created date per record that never changes. The creation date of a record never changes.

No. You have to control this on the Airtable side, not on the Make side. Make your date modified field change based on the fields that you are monitoring.

Alternatively, as I mentioned above, just trigger everything based on a webhook, which might be easier for you to setup & maintain.

You may also want to go through the Certified Make Training Courses, which I think are extremely educational.

I see. I didn’t read the manual, because why should I? I have expected Make work like A.I. to anticipate what want. Ah well. :upside_down_face:

LOL! Just give it a few months. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:face_with_monocle: Have done some more tests and sems the “number of records” limiting works with the Date Modified field fine if the Automation is manually relaunched.

So say I have 10 records in Airtable. The Make automation is triggered when they are modified. I put a limit to return only 5 records in Make Automation. How when I change all 10 records all at once and let Make Automation run, it only processes 5 records and it stops there.

I can then manually re-run the Make automation to finish the remaining 5 Airtable records.

The same thing can’t be done if the trigger field is Date Created in Airtable.

I have no intention to manually run Make automations but good to know in case I need to rerun them manually, now at least I don’t waste my time trying to figure out how to make a cat swim.

If I really want to control the number of records processed I need to do it as you described through the hook or maybe do a click button field in Airtable and put a Date modified on that and that would allow me to process limited number of records if I wanted to.

Why did you set it to process a maximum of 5 records if you just said that you are sending it 10 records?

Just set it to 50,000, which is the maximum number of records allowed on Airtable’s Pro Plan.

Alternatively, if you want it to ONLY process a maximum of 10 records at a time, then set it to 10.

However, if you set it to 10 records, and then you decide to send it 20 records, then it’s only going to process 10 records because you just told it to only process 10 records.

Then, it will keep the leftover 10 records in your queue until the next time it is scheduled to run.

I’m sorry I didn’t express myself clearly.

Yes, in my 2nd post from the top I meant exactly what you described now in your last post. So now it’s clear. I set the trigger to Date Modified and I will be able to regulate the amount of records processed each time when the automation is schedule to run. This is how I wanted it. :sunglasses: