List your top Airtable feature requests here!

Hey Scott, We did our best to solve in SmartSuite with our SmartDoc filed type. is this what you mean?

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Hey @ScottWorld when you set up a linked record filed type in SmartSuite we have sorting, filtering, and fields to display settings. Is this what you mean?

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I just continue posting here. I guess the earlier 3 posts were a less related to the topic.

I use nested forms in Airtable quite a bit to shorten the forms. However, the pre-fill doesn’t work for fields that are conditionally hidden! So if I set in the form some fields to be conditionally hidden in that form and I generate the pre-fill link, the text into the fields that are hidden because of that condition will not be pre-filled. Here is what I mean:

Allow us to have unlimited DISABLED automations. Do restrict me to maximum 50 automations both enabled and disabled. Make it same as with extensions. Allow me to have 50 automations that are turned on, that should be the limit. I want to have other automations which I have saved as backup or simply do not use them right now etc…

Looks like this post did reach a dead end now and it is becoming a SmartSuite forum.

In automations, when setting Conditions for different action groups, I’d love to be able use dynamic values for Dates as well.

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Make the view panel width individual for each base.

Now the same panel with is for all bases in the account. If I make wider in one base, the new width applied to all bases in the account.


Allow locking the list of items in the Single Select field. This is needed to prevent accidental adding of new list items.


Can´t you lock the field itself?

Not ideal, explained here below.

By the way the issue also happens if I start typing into the single select field to get shortlist of matches and I hit ENTER too soon/in error before I highlight the single select field I want. I do that quite often because I type like a frog with grumpy fingers. Since I am also paranoid always worry to delete something unintentionally, I use CTRL+Z with caution.

Locking the field prevents all data entry in the field.

However, @itoldusoandso, this problem is already solved in the product. Editors and below cannot add new values to single and multiselect fields.

You mean on user level or field level? I guess that means I have to setup an extra user account in Airtable and either add the extra user to the base or to share the whole base as Editor and below. That is still a bit complex solution to a simple issue, not sure if I am missing something.

Field level has nothing

So I guess this is what you mean

or this one

Scroll bars too thin.

Allow customize the thickness of the scroll bars. I know these are Chrome based, but because Airtable table is an inline page within the actual page, it does not expose the scroll bar to customization. You can only customize the scroll bar on the left for the list of views. But not possible to customize the horizontal scroll bar and the vertical on the right. The extensions do not work either, same issue and none of the extension that simulates scrolling using middle click works either.

I know laptops are easier in this regards since you have touchpad integrated. For desktop users you need to buy an external touchpad, just to get around in Airtable. The Apple TrackPads 2.0 are good but they are quite costly to buy just for Airtable if I use preferably a mouse.

Cheaper external touchpads / trackpads may work fine.

Still I would like to be able to change the thickness of the scrollbars, so they are easier to drag and click on. They are way too think.

But maybe this is a wishful thinking, Airtable will likely not bother with this.



On the Mac, if you don’t have a trackpad, you can hold down the shift key while scrolling your mouse. This enables you to scroll left & right. This is for all apps on the Mac, not just Airtable and not just Chrome.

Please try not to post in this thread if you have a technical question about how to do something in Airtable, because this thread is supposed to be for important feature requests that are missing from the product. Thank you! :smiley:

Would wish basic image editing function built in Airtable, such as cropping specific part of the image manually… (so not automatically which can be done via cloudinary etc…) just basic stuff like the basic photo editor like the MacOS Preview can do would be more than enough.

For me, one of the biggest issues that my clients have with Airtable is looking at fields in the normal grid view (not an interface view), but there is no way to tell if you are looking at ALL of the data in your fields or not.

For example: If you have lots of text in a long text field, or you have lots of linked records in a linked record field, there is no way to visually tell by looking at the screen if you are seeing ALL of the data in those fields or not.

First, you are required to double-click into the cell to see if there is more data that you’re not seeing in the cell… yet that will still only reveal slightly more data to you.

After that, you have to click on those little blue double-headed arrows to reveal the full contents of the field.

So it’s a lot of work that has to be done for each record, just to check to see if there is more information in a field.

The super-easy fix for this is to simply do what Airtable ALREADY DOES for the single line text fields:

Simply show us an ellipsis (…) at the end of the visible field to let us know that we’re missing out on seeing more information that is in the field.

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Allow open high resolution image directly, without having to go through a middle step.

Airtable provides me icon to download the high-resolution image from this view. That’s fine. But if I want to open a high resolution image, I have to go through another step first to open an bigger image first and then from that view I need to click to open in new tab to open high-resolution image. In other words, it requires 2 steps.

If I see the list of images and if I click to open in new tab the image from there, it will open the low resolution image in new tab. That may be okay in some situation but mostly people would like to download the high-res image.

If I want high-resolution image instead, which is what I use most, I have to go through 2 steps.

So I would suggest add there an icon to where is the recycle bin and download image, another icon to open the high-resolution image in the new tab.

Some AI faces hope to capture imagination of some sleepy Airtable programmers.


Allow setting width for Airtable form. It’s necessary if I have a lookup field with longer text. The short size of the fields obscures too much of the text on a desktop. Ideally the width of the form would be flexible and be able to set via URL parameter.

I know there are 3rd party form services and I know I could use Interfaces in some way or other but still default back to Airtable form as it’s quick and easy.

Wish the Automations error reporting was a bit more chatty. If it was ChatGPT giving me suggestions on what may be wrong, it would be more helpful.

Got this error suddenly but there doesn’t seem to be any further explanation:
Airtable error evaluating conditional group formula field.

The underlying condition is simply evaluating the formula numeric field, if it is zero or not. The field shows zero (0) all the time, before the automation is triggered and even after that (for this specific record). So the value in the evaluated field doesn’t change and didn’t change.

I still have lots of automation credits available on the account, so I am not maxing out. (… meaning this is not the issue… Solved: "An error occurred when evaluating conditional gro... - Airtable Community …)

And yes, that evaluated formula field is simply reading another Lookup field.

It looks like I hit this issue here again…

I thought this was already fixed. I remember I came across this 3 years ago. Why is this again an issue.

No, the source field that is being looked up is not an array, it is a number field actually also a formula field in another table (QOH is quantity on hand, so it can’t be non-numeric).

I know this is not a error reporting feed here. This is support ticket material (used to be in the old days at least).

The point I am trying to make is to improve the error reporting in Airtable. If there was more information about what is wrong I would not have spent 2 hours of my life fixing this !!

Thank you for allowing me to rant.

The source field that is being looked up may be a number field, but the lookup field itself is often an array. Sometimes lookup fields act as arrays and sometimes they do not.

Here are some of the factors that may go into determining if a lookup field acts as an array or not:

  • The field type of the field being looked up
  • How many linked records there are
  • If there is a condition on the lookup field
  • If the number of values for the lookup field is constrained
  • If there are linked records with empty values for the field being looked up
  • How the lookup field is being used (formula, view filter, automations, etc.)

Overall, I find it easier to recognize that it is too difficult to know if a lookup value is an array for a particular record. I will often use a rollup field instead where I can use a function that ensures the value is not an array.

Comparisons of number fields with zero are also problematic. Zero and blank are sometimes evaluated as being the same. (I’m not saying that is right, but I am saying that it is established behavior in Airtable and unlikely to change anytime soon.)

Put the two issues together, and you can get weird situations, as you have discovered.

That said, I agree that automation error messages could be more helpful. I’m not ready to spend credits on AI troubleshooting suggestions, though.