Find records automation not returning records accurately

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced an issue with the ‘Find records’ action returning an incorrect number of records when finding based on conditions?

When I test the following ‘Find records’ step, 10 records are returned.

But when I create a filtered view using the exact same conditions as in the automation above, 11 records are returned.

The returned results are well within the 100 records find records limits, so I’m not sure why there is a discrepancy in the automation results.

I also tested using just the client and hours conditions in the automation and it still returned the incorrect number of records.

Any ideas of what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance!

Bizarre - I’ve never seen that, and can’t really help troubleshoot without access. I’d simplify your test with one condition at a time (hours, client…)

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Thanks for your reply @RussellBishop.

I just noticed for the test step that the output is limited to only 10 records. Hence why my results when doing troubleshooting with less conditions is still only producing 10 results.


I hadn’t run the automation fully yet and have just been doing test runs and only getting 10 records returned (as per what the test step clearly says) :man_facepalming:

How have I never noticed that? It’s not plan-related right?

Not sure. I’m on the Team plan.

It’s the same on Business plan for me – I checked. I must have spent so much time checking the Find from run history that I never noticed!

A good catch.

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