eBay integration

Hello all - has anyone had any experience integrating Airtable with eBay using Make/Zapier/Appy Pie etc.?

Can you recommend one of the integration tools over the others?

The goal is to create an eBay listing from an Airtable record.

Thank you!

In my personal opinion, Make is (by far) the best integration and automation platform.

I discuss Make vs. Zapier in this thread:

Regarding integration with eBay, I don’t know if eBay’s REST API lets you create listings. It might, though.

It also depends on your budget on what you want to do. If you just loading and updating listings and downloading orders, using CSV is completely fine and free. Airtable can provide the CSV and load CSV from Ebay (use EasyDataTransform).

If you have a volume or if you are looking to maintain inventory levels and pricing, going the API may justify it… STILL I find it requires a lot of work to maintain it. Maybe better have others to do it and focus on selling. Ebay is notorious for changing technical parameters without properly documenting things so the integration requires frequent testing, it’s not something for a hobbyist I find.

Make or Zapier used to have last time I checked some integration with Etsy API for orders only.
There was a Canny.io request for Integromat/Make and was frequented by Integromat staff but that whole page was deleted so I don’t know what happened to that.
Zapier also had integration with Ecwid for orders.

There are tools like https://baselinker.com that provides great value for little money, they cost start at 9 dollars per month, can’t find anything for less.

If you are looking to get orders only and if you have the budget, you can look at https://www.orderhive.com/ they offer Airtable integration.

Also I remember Tradegecko used to have some integration with Airtable for orders but they don’t mention it anymore on their website since they were bought by Quickbooks Multi-channel Platform for Product Businesses | QuickBooks Commerce

There isn’t readily available integration with Ebay - and for a good reason - it’s not cheap to do it and to maintain such an integration. So it’s either for somebody who has the budget… outsourced cheap maybe 2000 dollars but to build something either using proprietary tools or from scratch I would say 15–30k minimum. It all depends on your needs. If you look at the list of fields in EBay, it is quite long. And you deal with issues such as the required specifications etc, which means you need to handle the required specs, or you load as templates only and then end up manually doing the rest on ebay site, it’s not pretty.

Another option is to use form filling tools like Selenium or UiPath and I got estimate at about 300-500 dollars or so when I asked around, but I am sure it would be more. The benefit of these tools, while messy, they allow to fill in data on any commence platform from Airtable. Unfortunately Airtable doesn’t find it useful to provide any browser extension capable to do just that (form filling) and given to how they cut their budget for extra-curricular activities, unlikely to happen. Airtable only provides the extension the other way and that requires patience as well.

@itoldusoandso - what a brilliant, comprehensive reply. Thank you for the exceptional detail - it is sincerely appreciated! This is incredibly helpful.

Forgot to mention, if you import orders from Airtable, there is order CSV which you can right on the order page there where you see orders, click on download orders CSV (no need to go through reports for this, just directly on order page) and you get one CSV. The other CSV you likely need/want is the transactional CSV file and that is from reports. Those two need to be loaded separately and you can setup two CSV Import extensions (make a duplicate of the extension so you can preserve the settings). If you load promo fees, that is a bit tricky and you need to use EasyDataTransform otherwise it is very manual.

Also, Ebay support is exceptionally (=by Ebay standards) helpful when it comes to CSV import or API integration. While you can’t get any support by email from Ebay (and calling them is useless unless you pay for the platinum monthly store), Ebay is eager to support by email specifically questions related to CSV and API. So just contact them if you have any issues, they reply quickly.

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Great - thank you again @itoldusoandso. I appreciate the follow-up!