E INVOICE with QR code

Hi, is it possible to issue E invoice using Airtable based on ZATCA standards, like now KSA government linking all invoices via API in there portal from external apps.

So if we create records it will generate QR code (contains company details) then the invoice send to govt portal via API for approval.

This process flow is possible in Airtable ?

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I am not familiar with the items you reference (E invoice, ZATCA, KSA, etc.), so I cannot help you with those specifically.

It is possible to link Airtable with APIs. If a third party integration service (such as Zapier or Make.com) has an integration with your desired API, that is usually the easiest method. If third part integration services do not have an integration with your desired API, it may still be possible to connect with the API using scripting or a custom extension. Scripting can connect to many (but not all) APIs, but if you are not familiar with scripting or working with APIs, you may need to hire a script writer.

It is possible to generate QR codes with Airtable data using third party services.

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As @Kuovonne mentioned above, QR codes can be easily generated with a variety of 3rd-party services.

There are many, many different services out there that offer this capability, but the two that I have used most frequently with Airtable are MiniExtensions & Make:

Dear @Kuovonne , thank you so much for your inputs and sorry for the ZATCA term. as it’s a protocol or standards implemented by Govt of Saudi Arabia to issue VAT invoice electronically.

Dear @ScottWorld , thank you and i will definitely going to check this platforms.