Brace Yourselves - AI Prompts Will Grow Big

Prediction - your AI prompts are going to grow in size and complexity. And as they do, you will need a place to construct, test, and reuse them. Airtable is a pretty good choice because prompts are plain text and soon they will allow you to submit images in prompts (attachments will be useful sources).I also predict that some prompts will be regarded as proprietary pools of thought process with values so great that it will trigger the need for prompt compilers and possibly prompt licensing.

You’ve probably heard that some LLMs will soon support 100k prompt windows. Data will occupy much of that space. However, another trend is also vying for visibility in this window as it opens widely through the end of this year.

There’s a new type of AI prompt; it’s big, and it’s not what you think of a prompt.

The MEG :wink:

I created Promptology in Coda, and anyone can use it with a free Coda account. Spitballing here, but I think Airtable would be a good place to build something similar.