Airtable as a Back-end for Personal Note-Taking?

There’s a huge push to acquire customers in the note-taking segment, and I’ve often thought Airtable might be ideal as a universal back-end for note-taking.

I see so many users struggling with ways to merge everything under one roof and I often wonder - should we?

Is it possible the holy grail of making noteworthy observations is to use no specific note-taking tool, but support all note-taking approaches equally?

I see this behaviour in many application models and architectures that attempt to unify data, and they almost always do it by value. Ideally, they should do it by reference, and that has me often questioning my own attempt to merge my world into Mem.

Is an ontology the better approach? I increasingly get the sense that we need a GPS for noteworthy artifacts. Could Airtable (or something else) be that GPS system?

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