AI No Code App for Airtable

Has anyone tested this new app which works with airtable

No, but I’ve looked closely at it. My observations:

  1. It might be good for certain use cases where the free instance and very low free tier works (< 2,000 records).
  2. The CEO says that “the data is uploaded for training”. I must ask why and where [exactly] it is uploaded. What’s the privacy and retention policy? If your data is removed from their servers, does the AI data all vanish?
  3. Classification with AI (as he demonstrated) is really simple to build using embeddings. Your data needn’t be uploaded anywhere, nor is there a “training” process per se. This article explains it pretty well.
  4. His no-code approach will attract those who just don’t have the latitude to bother with script like this.
  5. Almost certainly, Airtable will integrate something very much like Aito (eventually). This is dangerous turf for any aftermarket extension developers.
  6. This is pretty pricey. Even the $40/month service doesn’t [apparently] come with any server uptime expectancy.