7 Step Guide to Restore Deleted Airtable data

Data loss in Airtable through accidental error, incorrect automation setups, human-error, or anything else can be devastating. If you’ve just discovered that you’ve lost some data or you fear it will happen to you, this is the source you need.

We’ve created this 7-step guide where you’ll learn what you need to do to find and restore your Airtable data.

This is a useful guide to keep on hand if and when the inevitable data loss occurs.

For additional protection beyond the basics, we created On2Air Backups to automatically back up your Airtable data on a regular basis.

Get the guide:
:star: A 7-Step Guide to Restoring Deleted Airtable Data


Thanks for creating this excellent guide, @Hannah_Wiginton! :smiley:

And On2Air Backups is a fantastic tool!

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Bookmarked the guide a long time ago, will hopefully never have to visit it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, Ricardo!

Thanks Scott!